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Our Portfolio


Endothelix is dedicated to bringing endothelial function monitoring to physicians' offices and patients homes much like automated blood pressure monitoring is today. In fact, Endothelix's VENDYS-ll svstem is the onlv FDA-cleared device that combines both B and EF monitoring in an easy-to-use, operator-independent system.


HeartLung.Al focuses on early detection of heart disease and lung cancer using deep learning, noninvasive imaging, mobiles apps and smartphones. Heart attack and lung cancer are the number one and number two killers in the US Over 50 million Americans can benefit from such Al-powered early detection technologies. More will be disclosed later.


IC Therapeutics is focused on bringing the benefits of ischemic conditioning to patient care as well as fitness and athletic performance.


ThermaRx utilizes a patented technology for delivering anti-inflammatory and sympatholytic effects of heat for heart failure and other medical conditions.


CardioNexus Corporation was one of the first health-tech companies focused on early detection and prevention of CVD using a machine guided operator-independent approach in primary care clinic. CardioNexus' flagship product, the CardioHealth® Station, was a new multi-modality all-in-one device built in collaboration with Panasonic Health that did not reach mass production. AHT is pursuing the same approach under the new LiveLong platform.

LiveLong Health Powered by HeartLung Technologies.png

LiveLong Health is focused on Al-powered self-administered consumer-centric personalized healthcare products. The company's goal is o allow anyone to monitor determinants of their health using low-cost self-administered home-based diagnostic modalities, self-administer certain therapies, and receive
Al-powered personalized medical consultation 24/7.

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