Portfolio Companies

Endothelix is dedicated to bringing endothelial function monitoring to physicians’ offices and patients’ homes much like automated blood pressure monitoring is today. In fact, Endothelix’s VENDYS-II system is the only FDA-cleared device that combines both BP and EF monitoring in an easy-to-use, operator-independent system…..more

Dr. Me! is focused on AI-powered self-administered consumer-centric personalized healthcare products. The company’s goal is o allow anyone to monitor determinants of their health using low-cost self-administered home-based diagnostic modalities, self-administer certain therapies, and receive AI-powered personalized medical consultation 24/7.

IC Therapeutics is focused on bringing the benefits of ischemic conditioning to patient care as well as fitness and athletic performance…..more


ThermaRx utilizes a patented technology for delivering anti-inflammatory and sympatholytic effects of heat for heart failure and other medical conditions.


CardioNexus Corporation is dedicated to reducing cardiovascular disease through early detection and primary prevention.

CardioNexus’ flagship product, the CardioHealth® Station, is a new multi-modality initiative to advance cardiovascular health assessment for the prevention of heart attack and stroke.

The advanced, automated features of the CardioHealth® Station enable physicians, especially primary care physicians and internists, to perform atherosclerosis imaging and cardiovascular risk assessment in their offices, averting the need for outside referral.